Half Orc Invulnerable Rager Barbarian


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Davor is a half-orc orphan who was raised by human relatives. Growing up, he knew he was different from others. Outside of his home, there was segregation between the human and half-orc children, and most half-orcs were abused by human bullies and human relatives at home. His family treated him well, so Davor did not suffer this fate himself, but he saw the pain and suffering his friends endured. He wanted to become someone great who can one day make the world a better place for his friends.

By the time Davor grew up, most of his friends have moved out of his hometown to find places where they would fit in. Despite being on good terms with his family, Davor felt slightly out of place among humans. He decided to leave on a journey of self discovery. Along the way, he found work as a mercenary and managed to hone his strength and martial ability over the course of his involvement in various battles. However, he had an issue with authority figures, possibly a result of dealing with human town guards in his youth, so his career as a mercenary did not last long. After leaving the mercenary forces, he continues on in search of the next adventure.


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